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Glory Boutique Suites Condo is located near Hua Wiang Gate or Chang Puak Gate, Chiang Mai, built in colonial style architecture, which is a combination of western and eastern architecture conveying the identity and culture of the colonial era.

Starts 2.44 MB*

Glory Condominium Chiang Mai with special offers. Modern Luxury Style, fully furnished, enjoy Doi Suthep views, locate near Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center.

Starts 1.94 MB

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Glory Wabi Sabi

Hotel Business

Glory Wabi Sabi Hotel is located near Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium. Inspired by The philosophy that is the foundation of the design works with the deep charm and spirit of Japan.

Starts 1,800 Baht/Night

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Glory Sky Bar

Restaurant Business

Rooftop Restaurant (Glory Sky Bar) is located on the rooftop of Glory Boutique Suites

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Chiang Cafe

Café Business

Come to Chiang Mai, Come to stay at our Glory Boutique Suites. We would like to invite you to change the atmosphere to a coffee shop. Refreshing your life energy whether drinking some coffee, having some breakfast, reading or working, could also fulfill your lifestyle. Moreover, our Chiang Cafe has a variety of coffee styles and use the high quality 100% Arabica seeds from Doi Chang. Guarantee completing all coffee lovers.

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Throughout the past

the company has focused on the development of condominium projects in Chiang Mai with a modern and unique decoration design concept. Emphasize on condominium designs that meet the needs of all customer groups. There is after-sales service from our quality team. Take care and always develop the environment and atmosphere of the project to be pleasant which also help increasing the value of the property in the future.